Android Phone Applications

According to a report in March 2015 by the Indian telecom regulator TRAI, a total of 9.31 million new subscribers were added, the highest in the 12 preceding months. The total subscriber base has now reached 969.89 million, just 30 million short of one billion subscribers. It is expected that this figure will reach the billion mark in the next six months. And the number of mobile Internet users in India is projected to double and cross the 300 million mark by 2017, up from the 159 million users now, according to a new report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and consultancy firm KPMG.

A majority of smart phone users in India today are on Android. India is considered to be one of the top countries across the world for App consumption, and ranked third on Google play store. Due to this high consumption of smart phones and in turn applications, it becomes indispensable for marketers to tap the application market to connect with their customers.

Several versions of the Android operating system is available across various devices. And since not everyone keeps upgrading their devices, there lies a huge challenge for developers to ensure that their application is compatible across all scales and versions. It, therefore, becomes a challenge to find a developer or a development company who can develop a cross-compatible application for all kinds of users, along with using the new features of the latest Android.